Areas of use

«Germes» products are used in manufacture and science - wherever there is a necessity of chemical raw materials of the highest quality.
Increasing the yield of crops, production of fodder microadditives for mixed fodders.
Industrial production
From perfume industry, and paint and varnish production to metallurgy, machine building and oil industry.
Pharmaceutical industry, synthesis of medicine and vitamin preparations.

About us

Company "Trading House Germes" is a young manufacturer on the market of compounds of cobalt, nickel, molybdenum and other metals since 2014. Our main objective is to produce quality products with constant quality control of raw materials.

The production facilities of the company are located in Shlisselburg and allow the production of up to 10 tons per month of inorganic compounds. The company produces a wide range of inorganic compounds of nickel, cobalt, rhenium, molybdenum, silver and other metals. The most important industries are petrochemicals, superhard alloys, battery industry, as well as electroplating, ceramics and glass.

The work collective consists of highly qualified workers in the field of chemistry and technology, behind whom work in large chemical enterprises in Russia.

The company is constantly conducting experimental work to introduce new products. So in 2018, the list of products was expanded due to silver salts and the process of obtaining a nitric acid solution was adjusted.


We work with modern automated equipment based in our own factory in Leningrad oblast
Ammonium molybdate
Nickel (II) sulphate 7
CoCO₃ · mCo(OH)₂ · nH₂O
Cobalt (II) carbonate
CoSO₄ · 7H₂O
Cobalt (II) sulphate
NiCI₂ · 6НO
Nickel (II) chloride 6-aqueous
Cobalt oxide (II, III)
Silver Nitrate (I)

Our partners
We cooperate with verified producers of raw materials and logistics companies to provide you with qualitative product and service.

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