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Manufacture and sale of chemical reagents

«Germes» is the leading manufacturer and supplier of chemical reagents and rare earth materials. We offer more than 12 product names, custom synthesis, favourable prices and the fastest delivery possible.

Areas of use

«Germes» products are used in manufacture and science - wherever there is a necessity of chemical raw materials of the highest quality.
Increasing the yield of crops, production of fodder microadditives for mixed fodders.
Industrial production
From perfume industry, and paint and varnish production to metallurgy, machine building and oil industry.
Pharmaceutical industry, synthesis of medicine and vitamin preparations.

Why choose us?

Favourable prices
We offer favourable conditions for cooperation.
Fast response
We shorten the delivery time due to the availability of products in the warehouse
Quality service
We know our business and provide an individual treatment to each client.


We work with modern automated equipment based in our own factory in Velikiye Luki
Ammonium molybdate
Ammonium rhenium-acid
Cobalt (II) acetate
Acid rhenium
Nickel (II) oxide
Nickel (II) sulphate 7
NiCO₃ · mNi(OH)₂ · nH₂O
Nickel (II) carbonate basic water pure
Molybdenum (VI) oxide
CoCO₃ · mCo(OH)₂ · nH₂O
Cobalt (II) carbonate
CoSO₄ · 7H₂O
Cobalt (II) sulphate
NiCI₂ · 6НO
Nickel (II) chloride 6-aqueous
Cobalt oxide (II, III)
Our partners
We cooperate with verified producers of raw materials and logistics companies to provide you with qualitative product and service.
We operate in the chemical market with observance of legislative norms. The «Germes» reagents undergo strict quality control, and each product has its own passport and certificate.

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